We are specialized
in on site industrial catering
and lodging services

We are specialized
in on site industrial catering and lodging services

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Professional Courtesy Company NV

Our company, “Professional Courtesy Company NV’ (Procourcom) was founded on 20 December 2017 with shareholders Imro Smith, Joannes (Jan) van den Bergh en Gilbert Wirjomoenawi. All three shareholders have been associated with the Suralco/Alcoa kitchen in the Paranam staf village and ensured that the kitchen was HACCP certified In 1997. It was the first kitchen in Suriname to be HACCP certified in 2001.



We have the ability to cater to any location with 100 Km from Paramaribo.We can deliver ready-to-go meals in boxes and also set up a full buffet.We mainly use the local products to create a delightful fusion of international cuisine

Canteen Management

We also do the Management of canteens for a variety of companies in the industrial sector

Lodging Management

The Management of industrial lodging facilities is also part of our business

Canteen holder of Staatsolie

The Professional Courtesy Company has been the canteen holder of the Staatsolie Maatschappij Suriname N.V. since December 2018 at the locations:

  • Sarah Mariah Saramacca (up stream operations)
  • RAFF Tout Lui Faut Dijkveld (Down stream operations)
  • SPCS Hydro power plant at Afobaka Operations
  • SPCS Terminal power plant at Tout Lui Faut

We are also an official supplier of food and beverage services for Schlumberger

Our Staff

Imro Smith


Gilbert Wirjomoenawi


With the passing of Mr. Jan van den Bergh, our organizational structure currently looks like this: Imro Smith (CEO)and Gilbert Wirjomoenawi (COO).

We have a buffer of qualified employees who are all trained in “Safe food Handling” by the company Poly formis consultants and trained as kitchen assistants at the Stg. Suriname Hospitality and Tourism Centre(www.sshttc.org) A few of these employees will soon start with the training of cook level 2.

We are registered with the tax authorities. Our tax number is 09056. We are also registered with the Chamber of commerce nr 73277

Contact info

 Sitalweg 3A Wanica
 +597 8572485 (Imro Smith)
+597 8840853 (Gilbert Wirjomoenawi)
 [email protected]

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